Saturday, May 19, 2007

Will a Face Job Save Your Job?

If you're a late- or even post-generation Xer, like some folks very near and dear to my heart, and fearful of losing your job and well-earned cushy paycheck to a young chick or chica, think twice before going for the tuck, the tox, the lift or the lipo says AlterNet's Margaret M. Gullett.

First, she argues, they really don't make you look younger. And second, also arguably, despite the fact that midlife workers remain between jobs longer than their younger counterparts, and when they do find work, it's usually at lower wages, Ms. Gullett cautions, "...anyone hoping to maximize her income by investing in expensive and hazardous products and procedures should think again."

Read Face Lifts: A Frightening New Job Strategy and YOU (and I'll) decide.