Monday, November 20, 2006

IWMF: Good Group Grants Good Women Awards

The International Women’s Media Foundation has granted three women its
yearly award for Courage in Journalism. Amongst them is Jill Carroll,
the Christian Science Monitor reporter captured and held for 82 days in
Iraq. Also awarded were May Chidiac of Lebanon and Gao Yu of China.

The organization gave a Lifetime Achievement award to Elena
, Mexican journalist, writer and social icon. Poniatowska
was born in Paris into Polish nobility (her full name at birth was
Princess Hélène Elizabeth Louise Amelie Paula Dolores Poniatowska
Amor), moving to Mexico during World War II with her family. Educated
in the States, Poniatowska returned to Mexico and eschewed her
privileged background. She has devoted her life to social justice

For most of her journalistic career, Poniatowska has written for Mexico
City’s prominent daily, La Jornada.

Perhaps of greatest import has been her book, La Noche de Tlatelolco
(Massacre in Mexico), which recounts the indiscriminate gunning down of
student protesters, their supporters and innocent onlookers and
passersby, during a march in the Tlatelolco district of the Mexican
capital. Estimates of civilians killed during the army massacre of the
afternoon and night of Oct. 2, 1968 range anywhere from 300 to several

The International Women’s Media Foundation is a super group of women
journalists supporting women’s efforts for full participation in media.
They provide training and seminars to enhance women’s skills and
opportunities; liaise with and support women in perilous assignments
worldwide; and do research, issuing reports on the role of women in the

The IWMF was especially helpful to me, providing invaluable contacts
while I worked on my article, Women on War, for the Women’s Village.

So, “Hats (or whatever) off” to all the worthy women of the group and
their awardees.