Friday, January 09, 2009

Jobless or not here I come...

Jobless rates are at its highest 7.2% as of December! This is the headline in most of the papers. I was reading an article on “Take this job or shove it” In these tough economic times and high unemployment rates, there are 3 or more job seekers for every opening. People are taking wherever jobs they can get. Personally I thought about this a lot, with the economy in the dumps almost everyone has been affected. As other companies, my agency is no strange to these tough times. I am so lucky I can say I have a job, at least for now. But if things don’t get better soon the layoffs are going to start so I decided to update my resume and started looking for jobs like everyone else.

The idea to start all over again scares me, but the idea to start all the way from the bottom again, it scares me more, but I must say if the situation arises, I, just like many people out there would take any job that I can find.

The rainbow always comes up after a storm, even if this one takes some time!
What is your take on this? What did you have to sacrifice? Did you find a job in your same field?