Friday, February 27, 2009

Bartering while out of work?

Women for Hire are on the mark. I've recently joined. Good networking, info, support.

We're looking for people who recently lost their jobs, but are not collecting unemployment (either it's run out or you're not eligible for benefits), and would be interesting in bartering their skills for products and services they need while looking for work. For example, maybe you're a graphic designer and you're willing to design a logo for someone in exchange for a stroller for your newborn. Perhaps you're a bookkeeper who can prepare simple tax returns in exchange for meals at a local diner. Or you're a publicist who'll trade PR services for someone to design a website so you can start a business quickly.

If this sounds like you—and you'd like to work with us to learn how to do this successfully—please send an email to and put "bartering" in the subject line. Tell us the following: your name, phone and location; what kind of work you were doing; when and why you were laid off; why you're not collecting unemployment; the specific skills or stuff you are willing to barter; and the specific skills or stuff you'd ideally need in return to help you through some tough times. Even though everyone wants cash the most, this project is specifically about bartering. Please indicate a willingness to be on TV if selected to work with us.

Disclaimer of a sort: Womenforhire's job bank is all over the place. I keyed in 'New York' and 'Publishing/Media' and got 'California' and advertising listings. Our job bank is MUCH better: see link halfway down the page